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by Ariel June 17, 2020 3 min read

You might think that it’s impossible to be a mermaid without water to swim in, but there are actually loads of ways to be a mermaid at home when you’re stuck indoors. Here, we share some of our favourite ways to celebrate your inner mermaid whilst you’re in the house.

Read books about mermaids

What better way to relax at home than with a mermaid book in your hand? Of course, the number one book on your list should be Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale ‘The Little Mermaid’ but there are plenty of other fantastic mermaid stories to be discovered. Reading these books won’t only teach you about the lives of mermaids, but will help to transport you to their magical underwater worlds too, meaning that you’ll feel like you’ve left the house and are swimming along beside them.

The Little Mermaid - Hans Christian Andersen     Stories of Mermaids - Russell Punter     The Tail of Emily Windsnap - Liz Kessler

To make reading your mermaid books extra special, make sure that you’re wearing your mermaid tail too! Although these tails are perfect for the pool and the beach, they are also super comfortable for lounging around in, so you can look like a mermaid whilst reading all about them.


Bake mermaid cupcakes

Even mermaids need a sweet treat sometimes, and making mermaid cupcakes offers the perfect way to banish those sugar cravings when you can’t leave the house. There are so many different cupcake flavours to choose from that you’re sure to be able to find a favourite. Plus, with a little bit of practice, they’re really not very hard to make. Spooning the mixture in paper cupcake cases and placing them in a cupcake baking tray is the best way to ensure that they retain the perfect shape and, once they’re ready and cooled, you can have fun decorating them to add some magical mermaid charm.

Mermaid Cupcakes     Mermaid Cupcakes at Mermaids Tail UK     Mermaid Cupcakes

Start off by topping your cupcakes with frosting (you can make amazing colours using food colouring), and then decorate with mermaid coloured sprinkles, silver balls that look like tiny bubbles, and even your favourite sweets. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even draw little fish on your cupcakes using icing pens - this will really challenge your baking skills in a fun way!


Have a mermaid photoshoot

Another great way to be a mermaid at home is to have your very own mermaid photoshoot. Gather together your mermaid tail and any other mermaid accessories you have, and try to make a number of different mermaid-inspired outfits that you can try. Design a fabulous space for your photoshoot by using sheets or towels to create a sea-themed backdrop, and use any mermaid or underwater toys that you have to make your very own mermaid wonderland. You might even like to use glittery make-up and put your hair into a mermaid style to complete the look.

Mermaid Photoshoot at Home - Sunset Splash    Mermaid Photoshoot - Purple Surf    Mermaid Photoshoot at Home - Ocean Kiss    

Once you’re happy with your backdrop and outfits, you can start snapping! The best way to do this is to get one of your parents or siblings to take the photos for you, but you could also set up the camera on a timer if there isn’t anyone around to help out. You’re sure to have loads of fun pretending to be a mermaid, and then you can decorate your bedroom wall with your favourite photos once they’ve been printed.


Design your own mermaid tail

Being at home offers the perfect chance to get creative, so why not spend your time indoors designing your perfect mermaid tail? With coloured pens, glitter, and even sequins, you can draw and colour the mermaid tail of your dreams - the possibilities are endless! Plus, you don’t have to stop at designing one tail, as you can let your imagination run wild as you design tails for all kinds of mermaids. Perhaps you could create a special tail for a mermaid going to a royal ball, or one for a mermaid who loves to have swimming races with her friends. Don’t forget to design matching tops too, as no mermaid outfit is complete without an equally beautiful crop top to wear.

                 Mermaid Tail Art Design            Mermaid Tail Design


Once you’ve designed your beautiful mermaid tails, you can take your creativity even further by writing stories about the kinds of mermaids who the tails belong to and sharing these with your friends when you next see them.

Mermaid Journal

Now that you know how to be a mermaid at home, you won’t have to miss out on mermaid adventures if you can’t go to the beach or pool. Take a look at our range of mermaid tails which are perfect for both indoor and outdoor mermaid fun.

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