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by Ariel November 10, 2019 3 min read

If you’re trying to achieve your goal of becoming a mermaid, one of the main things that you need to learn is how to swim like one. Whether you’re a confident swimmer already, or are simply hoping to quickly move onto swimming like your favourite mythical creature, there are some steps that you can follow in order to reach your goal.

Here, we share our tips on how to swim like a mermaid, so that you can confidently take to the water wearing your beautiful mermaid tail in no time at all.

Practice putting your face in the water

Underwater swimming

Putting your face into the water can be daunting, especially if you haven’t been swimming for very long. However, there are some different things that you can try which will make this a lot easier. Of course, mermaids tend to swim beneath the surface, so learning this particular skill is an important part of your mermaid journey.

The only way to feel confident about doing something is by practicing until it becomes second nature. The fear of putting your face into the water is perfectly natural, but once you realise that you can control your breathing you’ll find that this doesn’t worry you anymore. Start by taking a slow, deep breath above the surface of the water and then lowering your face beneath it. Blow the air out whenever you’re ready and then bring your face back out of the water. Take another breath and repeat. You can do this around ten times before taking a nice long break. We’d then suggest completing the same exercise a couple more times. This will help you to get used to the feeling of having water on your face, and will enable you to understand how you can control your breathing despite being underwater.

Once you get used to this, start to breathe in through your mouth before you dip beneath the surface, and only breathe out of your nose once you’re underwater. This way, you’ll release less air which will enable you to stay under the surface for longer.

Become a confident swimmer

Swim Training for Mermaids at Planet Mermaid

When you feel comfortable having your face in the water and are happy that you can control your breathing, it’s time to become a strong swimmer. Swimming is a mermaid’s number one activity, and with all of the practice they get it’s unsurprising that they’re so amazing at it! All the time that you’re gaining swimming confidence, it’s best to have someone nearby in case you get into any difficulty. And of course, always swim under adult supervision. If you’re swimming at your local pool, it’s likely that there’ll always be someone around, whereas open water can be a different story - and here you have to be wary of currents and poor visibility too!

Learning to swim like a mermaid is mostly focused around a dolphin kick, which should only be attempted once you’re happy moving through the water. This particular kick can be mastered by laying flat, face down in the water, with your legs and feet together as if you have a mermaid tail. First, you need to push your chest downwards into the water, followed by your hips as your chest rises again. Your legs will follow your hips which will then propel you along, and your knees should be slightly bent. Keep repeating this and you’ll find that you move gracefully through the water.

To begin with, you might prefer to practice this movement on the surface of the pool with a float held out in front of you. Eventually, the dolphin kick should be carried out with your arms by your sides, as this will streamline you and help you to glide through the water with ease.

Buy a mermaid tail

Swimmable Mermaid Tails

The final stage in your quest to swim like a mermaid is buying and wearing a beautiful mermaid tail. Start off with just the Monofin, which will hold your legs in the correct position whilst looking amazing and give your dolphin kick extra power in the water. Once you’re comfortable swimming in one of these, you can upgrade to the fabric Mermaid tail. We suggest always having someone with you when you start training with your monofin too, as this will make swimming feel completely different, so it’s safer to have someone nearby until you feel confident. Adult supervision is always required.

Now that you know how to swim like a mermaid, browse our stunning range of mermaid tails and start trying to choose your favourite. With so many colours to choose from, this can be the hardest (but most fun) part of becoming your #1 mythical being.

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