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by Ariel December 07, 2019 3 min read

For children who want to become mermaids, having a glorious mermaid tail that will help them to glide through the water is very likely to be at the top of their wish list! With plenty of different swimmable mermaid tails to choose from, selecting the right one for your merperson can be a tricky decision, especially if you haven’t looked into it before.

Underwater mermaids in the ocean

To help you find the perfect mermaid tail, we have put together our top tips for buying one, so that you know that both you and your mermaid-mad child will be happy with your choice!

Find a good quality mermaid tail

As with everything, quality is a very important consideration when buying a mermaid tail, as this can impact both on the look and functionality of the product. For example, some tails and monofins can be made to a poor standard which often means that they are not as safe as those sold by reputable companies. You also need to consider whether there will be hidden charges such as Import Taxes at 20%. Customers based in the UK should be aware of this before purchasing from USA, China and all other non-EU countries.The best thing to do is to research mermaid tails and where they come from before you make a purchase. This way you know that you’re getting a good product for your money, and won’t be stuck with a substandard or unexpectedly overpriced tail.

Another quality that you might like to check for when buying a mermaid tail is whether the fabric is chlorine and fade resistant. You want your mermaid tail to look its best for as long as possible, so ensuring that it won’t be negatively affected by sun and swimming pool water is an important factor to keep in mind.

Take time considering mermaid tail colours and styles

There are lots of different mermaid tails in a variety of colours and designs that are just as pretty as each other. So when you’re looking to buy one for your child, you should take the time to consider the different options rather than settling for the first one you see. With everything from rainbow colours to koi print (with plenty in between) to choose from, you’re sure to find one that you think will suit your little merperson perfectly.

Koi Mermaid Tail Collection  Rainbow Mermaid Tail Collection

While you’re searching, it is also important to keep in mind the size that your mermaid tail will need to be. Remember that they are made from stretchy material, so if in doubt we would suggest selecting the larger size. You can always take advantage of our 30 day return policy if it’s not quite right - so don’t worry about it and just have fun choosing!

In addition to this, we recommend looking at the matching accessories that are available for each tail. Many of our tails have matching tops and hair accessories that complement them, so it may be that you can easily buy multiple gifts for your child in one order. What better way to help them on their journey to becoming a mermaid?

Make sure your child is a strong swimmer

Although our mermaid tails are designed with safety in mind, your child should only use one for swimming if they are confident in the water. This is especially important if they are wearing a monofin along with their fabric tail, as swimming with one of these is a full body workout! Monofins are rigid inserts that enable swimmers to propel themselves through the water like a mermaid, and shouldn’t be used alone until your child is confident in both wearing and removing it.

Safety First for Kids

Should you be buying a tail without the monofin, you should still keep in mind that your child will have to change the way that they swim when wearing it. However, if they will be purely wearing their mermaid tail out of the water, or just for paddling, this isn’t something that you’ll need to consider.

Even if your child is a strong swimmer, it’s advised that they only use their mermaid tail under supervision, and that you encourage them to practice in shallow water before they progress into the depth that they’re used to swimming in. Taking to the water with a monofin is very hard work, and getting used to it can take a while, but once your child gets the hang of it you’ll struggle to entice them out of the water!

We hope that these tips for buying a swimmable mermaid tail have given you the confidence to go ahead and purchase one of our amazing designs for your child. With both fabric mermaid tails and high-quality monofins available, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in our selection.

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