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November 12, 2019 3 min read

With their carefree lifestyles, long flowing hair, and sparkly tails, it’s unsurprising that so many people dream of becoming a mermaid. Although morphing into one of these mythical creatures is highly unlikely, there are steps that can be taken to make you feel like you could start your underwater life at any moment.

A Fun Mermaid Hair flick at the Swimming Pool

Here, we share our top tips for becoming a mermaid which you can use to get a few steps closer to achieving your dream of joining them.

Swim like a mermaid

It will come as no surprise that the best way to become a mermaid is to swim! Mermaids spend their whole lives in the water and, although you might not want to submerge yourself under the ocean waves, a trip to the pool is definitely a must. Swimming is a fun exercise option that produces great results, regardless of whether you’re a strong swimmer or prefer performing a more relaxed stroke. Due to needing to use all of the muscles in the body in order to swim, you’ll find that you become toned all over when you add swimming to your workout plan. Plus, it’s amazing for cardio fitness too!

Although mermaids don’t necessarily swim for fitness reasons, they definitely have lots of fun while doing it! You can embrace your inner mermaid even further by heading to the beach and taking a dip in the sea instead. Depending on where you live, it might not be that there are fish and other underwater creatures to befriend, but a swim in the sea will certainly refresh and revive you! Although there’s nothing to stop you from pretending that you’re swimming around with other merpeople!

Mermaid having fin fun while afloat in water

Dress like a mermaid

In order to become a mermaid, you need to be able to dress like one! This might not be achievable on a school or work day, but during your leisure time there’s no reason why you can’t embrace your inner mermaid and get some scales on! When swimming, opt for your very own mermaid tail. With a whole variety of colours to choose from, you could even have a different one for every day of the week – or change with the seasons! These tails enable you to swim along with a little added magic, and are sure to make you stand out in the pool.

The Little Mermaid will tell you that getting around on land is impossible with a tail, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stop dressing as your favourite mythical being. Swap your stunning mermaid tail for equally beautiful leggings, and you’ll feel just as enchanting on land as you do in the water. In fact, our mermaid leggings can be worn for swimming too, so you can transition from land to sea quicker than Ariel could!

When becoming a mermaid, don’t forget to pay attention to accessorising too. Sealife themed jewellery, particularly items including shells, make the perfect accompaniment to mermaid outfits. Fancy being an underwater princess? A dainty tiara could be just what you need to complete the look! Adult mermaids might also like to experiment with dying their hair a vibrant colour, like blue or green, whereas smaller mermaids could enjoy brightly coloured wigs as part of their outfit.

Be a free-spirit

There is always a sense of wonder and freedom around mermaids, so in order to become one yourself you should focus on being free-spirited. This has a lot to do with being independent and ensuring that you’re your own person, in addition to being happy to go with the flow. Being a free-spirit also means finding joy in the things around you, especially nature, and making sure that you do all you can to make others smile too. Don’t forget to share your love for mermaids with others too, as you might find others that share the same passion.

As a free-spirited mermaid you should follow your passions. One of these is very likely to be swimming, but you might also like to spend time inventing fun games with your friends, spending time appreciating nature, or perhaps even writing about your own mermaid adventures. Whatever it is that you enjoy, you should always follow your heart and do what makes you happy - because that’s what a mermaid would do.

 Now that you’ve read our top tips for becoming a mermaid, browse our selection of mermaid tails and leggings for children so that you can start your magical transformation.

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