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by Ariel December 03, 2019 3 min read 1 Comment

There are so many different mermaid tail colours to choose from that it can be difficult to decide which one is your favourite. With this in mind, did you know that the colour you pick could say a lot about your personality?

Before you start browsing our fantastic range, take a look at what some of our top mermaid tail colours mean, and it could make your decision a little easier.


Purple mermaid tails

People who love purple are said to be perfectionists, meaning that you love it when everything is just right. You have great attention to detail which helps you to ensure that everything is as it should be, and you like to put effort into the way that you look. In addition to this, those who wear a purple mermaid tail are creative, innovative, and intuitive, with a charisma that draws people to them without them even trying. Purple-lovers like to be unique and will do all they can to avoid following the crowd, they really like to stand out and show off their personality through all that they do. This often means that they like to befriend kindred spirits who are also individual in their own special ways.

Purple Surf Mermaid Tail Collection


Pink mermaid tails

Those who wear the colour pink are very easygoing and approachable, which means that they can be friends with almost anyone. They see the best in others and constantly seek acceptance, and this tends to work in their favour as they form honest relationships. People who wear pink mermaid tails are witty and clever, and will always offer a shoulder to cry on or a bit of advice due to having a very compassionate nature. They are particularly sociable in smaller groups, are good at maintaining friendships over time, and will always be over the moon when someone in the family or friendship group does well. Fans of pink enjoy a calm and peaceful way of life with minimal fuss, by really enjoy letting their hair down every now and then.

Chelsea Rose Mermaid Tail


Orange mermaid tails

Mermaids opting for an orange tail are good-natured and loyal, and they always want to feel like part of the group. This isn’t difficult for them, as they tend to be the life and soul of the party, and their energetic personality means that they are very popular with others. In addition to this, they are ever-optimistic and always believe that something great is just around the corner. This means that they’re very unlikely to feel down as they know things will get better. Due to being good at avoiding feelings of panic or pressure, orange-tailed mermaids are great at team-building activities, and people find them inspiring which really helps during group activities.

Orange Sunset Splash Mermaid Tail Collection


Blue mermaid tails

Those who take to the water in a blue mermaid tail are often on a search for inner peace, and always thinking of others. They care a lot about their friends and family, and will put their feelings first, but they’ll never let themselves get taken for granted. With a close group of friends to turn to, blue mermaids are organised, very fair, and have an impressive skill of remembering details - so they’ll never forget your birthday! Friendly and engaging, those who love the colour blue are very trustworthy, which is another quality that helps them to keep their loved ones close, in addition to the fact that helping people in need is one of their favourite things to do.

Blue Mermaid Tail Collection 


Green mermaid tails

You won’t find anyone more loyal than a green-tailed mermaid, and choosing this colour shows that you have a wonderful connection to nature. Whether it’s simply spending time outside, or trying outdoor activities, people who love green want to spend as little time inside as possible. Loyal and to the point, green-lovers are very moral and can often be described as being model citizens. They like things to be perfectly balanced and consistent, and particularly dislike being caught up in chaos. Due to this, fans of the colour green are good at prioritising and organising their time, and they rarely get caught up on the little things as they always aim for complete clarity. They are also good at considering different people’s points of view, and will quite freely express their own options too.

Green Sea Surf Mermaid Tail Collection


Now that you know what your chosen mermaid tail colour could say about you, it’s time to browse our beautiful selection and find the one that reflects your unique personality the best.

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Zoe woosley
Zoe woosley

June 09, 2020

My color is purple and I love this place because it is right about my family and friends.

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