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by Ariel July 01, 2020 3 min read

The perfect accessory for wannabe mermaids, a monofin will help you to glide through the water like your favourite mythical creature. Created to help you to perfect the ‘dolphin kick’, monofins are designed with safety, comfort, and mermaid dreams in mind.

Magic Fin Monofins from Planet Mermaid UK

But what is a monofin? Here we explain exactly what this swimming accessory is, how you use it, and why it’ll make you feel like a real-life mermaid in the water.


How do you swim with a monofin?

Essentially, a monofin will assist you in learning a swimming technique called the ‘dolphin kick’. This swimming style is similar to that used by both dolphins and mermaids and enables you to use your whole body to move gracefully and quickly through the water, without burning too much energy. Of course, learning to swim in this way can be a challenge as it is very different from how you’d usually swim, but it’s perfectly achievable with a bit of practice. This technique involves starting the rippling movement from your shoulders, with your arms out in front of you, and allowing it to travel the length of your body until it reaches your monofin which will power your forwards.

The ‘dolphin kick’ can be practiced before you introduce a monofin, allowing you to get used to the technique before you commit to trying out the fin. This way you can gain confidence in your mermaid swimming style before adding extra power and speed to the move. Once you’re happy with moving through the water like a mermaid, simply slip on your monofin and you’ll be amazed at how much strength and speed it can add to the technique.


Are monofins safe?

Monofins have been designed with safety in mind to ensure that they are just as safe as they are fun. They can be easily put on or taken off, even when in the water, so you don’t need to worry if you find that you’re struggling during your swim. Made from hard-wearing polypropylene, our monofins are very durable and flexible, meaning that they’re almost impossible to damage when being used correctly. It is recommended that children are supervised when using a monofin, especially when they are getting used to how it works and how it affects the way that they move through the water. We also suggest making sure that your child knows exactly how to put on and remove their monofin themselves for an extra safe swim.

Magic Fin Monofin from Planet Mermaid

Can I wear a monofin with my mermaid tail?

Monofins can be worn with compatible, swimmable mermaid tails, meaning that you can look like a real-life mermaid while you’re in the water. The monofin is worn by putting your feet into the comfortable foot pockets, and then this fits into the fin of your mermaid tail. Simply pull the rest of your tail up as usual to complete the look. If you’re trying out your monofin for the first time, you might prefer to test it without your mermaid tail to begin with, just so you can get used to the feel of it before adding another layer. Don’t fear if you don’t have a mermaid tail yet, as a monofin looks just as great with mermaid print bikinis, leggings and swimsuits, and can add a mermaid-esque dimension to your other swimwear too.

Royal Koi Mermaid Tail Collection with Monofin


How do I choose a monofin?

The most important thing to look out for when searching for a monofin is how safe it is. Our Magic Fin monofins have been created to be perfectly safe and durable, so you can be confident when you choose one of these. You’ll also need to choose which size you need. Luckily, our monofins fit those with a shoe size between 11-6 (UK), 29-39 (EU), 11-8.5 (US), so there is no difficulty in deciding which size you need! However, we do offer a choice of blue, pink, and black, so the only other decision you need to make is which colour you’d like. To take care of your monofin, we also suggest treating yourself to a monofin swimming bag  - a bright, fun accessory that will keep your fin safe and sound between swims.

Mermaid Swim Bags for the Planet Mermaid Monofin

Now that you know what a monofin is, it’s time to buy your own so that you can try out this super fun swimming accessory for yourself. Whether you have a mermaid tail already or are hoping to add one to your swimwear collection in the future, a monofin offers the perfect way to begin your magical transformation into a mermaid.

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