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por Ariel julio 03, 2020 3 min leer

Getting a mermaid tail is a truly wonderful moment, but the magic doesn’t have to end there. If you’re hoping to create a complete mermaid look, accessorising your mermaid tail gives you plenty of options, and you can have fun putting together your unique style. Here, we share our tips for accessorising your mermaid tail, and some of the items that can help you to reach your full mermaid potential. 

Mermaid Tails from Planet Mermaid

Pair your tail with a mermaid crop top

Once you have your mermaid tail, you’re sure to want a top that matches it perfectly. Wearing a mermaid tail and crop top or tankini in the same colour completes a fabulous mermaid look, and you can be sure that you’ll be super comfortable whilst wearing them too. If you prefer to dare to be different, you could even opt for a mermaid crop top that doesn’t match your tail, creating a combination that will make you stand out in the crowd. The great thing about mermaid crop tops is that they can be worn with anything, so you can enjoy wearing yours with trousers, shorts, or a skirt when it’s not suitable to wear your tail, like during shopping trips or when you go to the park.

Mermaid Tops from Planet Mermaid

Try out mermaid hair accessories

It’s obvious how much mermaids love their hair, and styling yours with accessories that match your mermaid tail is a great way to achieve the perfect look. If you have long hair, you might like to create a plait which you can then secure with a mermaid hair scrunchie, and those with shorter hair are sure to love mermaid hair wraps which look great and will keep your hair from your face. Hair wraps are the ideal accessory when swimming, as they’ll stop your hair from getting into your eyes and will enable you to swim freely. For the ultimate hair treat, why not style your hair using both a mermaid hair wrap and a matching scrunchie? You’re sure to be able to create lots of fun and interesting looks using these great hair accessories, and they’ve been designed for use both in and out of the water.

Mermaid Hair Accessories from Planet Mermaid

Improve your swimming with mermaid accessories

If you’re a keen swimmer and are trying to improve on your skills, you can accessorise your mermaid tail with a swimming hat and goggles. This way you can look cool in the pool and will find swimming a little easier too. By wearing mermaid swimming goggles, you won’t be distracted by water getting in your eyes, and will always be able to see where you’re going - just like a mermaid! On the other hand, a mermaid swimming hat will keep your beautiful mermaid hair safe from chlorine or saltwater and prevents it from getting in your way when swimming too. Perfecting swimming with a mermaid tail can be tricky, but both a swimming hat and goggles can make the experience run smoothly, without taking anything away from your fabulous mermaid style.

Mermaid Swimming Hat and Googles from Planet Mermaid

Practical and pretty mermaid tail accessories

Being a mermaid means that you can leave all of your troubles behind, so practical accessories are an absolute must in ensuring that you have the best time by the pool. If you have a monofin, you shouldn’t be without a handy monofin bag. This bag will not only help you to carry your monofin to the pool or beach in a safe and hassle-free way but has plenty of space for anything else that you might need too. Another practical accessory that you simply can’t go swimming without is a mermaid towel. Simply imagine laying on your mermaid towel at the beach as you dry off in your mermaid tail - absolute bliss! Plus, you’ll know which towel is yours when it comes to drying off after a swim at the pool unless there are lots of other mermaids swimming there too of course! 

Mermaid Monofin Swim Bag from Planet Mermaid           Mermaid Tail Towel from Planet Mermaid

A mermaid purse is also sure to be useful when you head off for adventures in your mermaid tail. Designed to perfectly complement mermaid style, a mermaid purse is a perfect place to keep the money that you need to go swimming, or to buy an ice-cream at the beach after a hard day of swimming. But unfortunately, you can't wear your glorious mermaid tail everywhere you go. When you have to trade in your fins for legs, show off your true mermaid spirit by wearing a pair of our amazing mermaid leggings

Mermaid Leggings from Planet Mermaid

Now that you’ve read our tips for accessorising your mermaid tail, you can start putting together your perfect mermaid look, and are guaranteed to be the envy of everyone else at the pool or beach.

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