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Blue Magic Fin Monofin

Size Guide
  • Comfortable, Flexible and highly durable Monofin 
  • Designed with Safety in mind
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fits shoe sizes - 11-6 (UK), 29-39 (EU), 11-8.5 (US).
  • Virtually Unbreakable Polypropylene Insert
  • High-quality Neoprene cover
  • Comfortable foot pockets

Achieve your mermaid swimming fantasies with the help of our Blue Magic Fin Monofin. Made from strong, almost unbreakable polypropylene with a neoprene cover, this innovative monofin will enable its wearer to glide through the water like their favourite mythical being. Comfortable, flexible, and durable, any confident swimmer will be able to learn to move through the water with ease and power whilst wearing a monofin, and they have been designed with safety in mind. Monofins are easy to put on and take off and are compatible with our range of mermaid tails, mermaid leggings, and mermaid swimwear.

Monofin Swimming

In order to swim with a monofin, the technique called “dolphin kick” is used. The body is stretched with arms being extended forward and undulating movement starts in the shoulders and continues to the hip area creating a powerful impulse.

Wearing a monofin allows to make this technique very efficient and develop an impressive speed without spending too much energy.

Monofins are loved by thousands of mermaids all over the world as they make mermaid swimming possible. Mermaid tail made for swimming usually come with monofins. Magic Fin Monofin is designed as an insert for our lightweight mermaid tails and is easy to put on and off whether it is happening in water or not.

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